Sunday, February 24, 2013

Celebrity Guess: Quentin Tarantino's Ladies

First, a HUGE congrats to Mr. Tarantino for his well deserved win tonight.  And now...

"Love Quentin Tarantino, but instead of all these leggy blondes, he should really bring a black woman to at *least* one red carpet event. #I'm_Just_Saying"

~Me from a previous tweet

Everytime I see Mr. Tarantino on the red carpet, it's wit some leggy blonde, but he currently has two black women living with him, sharing his bed.  And then there was this picture:

Saw this on Jesse William's blog; no idea what mag this is from or why anyone thought this would be a good idea for a spread.

It's starting to come off as a fetish for black women, and that's what's bothersome to me personally.  I don't believe he actually has a fetish for black women (just feet), but for appearances sake, just one time, bring a sistah out in public.  If he's got two black women living with him, I doubt the blonde chick is in on the party--she's just on his arm for eye candy.  And it's like, why not have a good looking black woman out for arm candy as well and be aboveboard.

Look Mr. Tarantino, we know you love black people and black women.  But there's no need to be on the down-low about how much you love black women.  Look at Bill Maher.  DeNiro.  Michael Fassbender.  You're effin' Tarantino.  Grow a pair.

I say that with love.

A loving fan [who's also a black woman]

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