Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Celebrity Guess: Beauty and the Beast

The CW is bringing in the fall season with a few new shows, one of which is the remake of an adaptation (of sorts) of Beauty and the Beast.

I had the opportunity to see the pilot (which airs tomorrow night on the CW) at San Diego Comic Con, and I have to say...

Wasn't impressed.

I liked how the cast was diverse as far as the co-stars were concerned, but Kristin Kreuk's acting--sorry, I'm not buying.  She can't carry a show.  Why oh why don't these execs and casting directors know that pretty can only get you so far?

Also, whoever directed/edited the first ep did a crappy and rush job, in my opinion.  The story should have been slowed down; too much was attempted to be crammed into the first 43 minutes or so of the first ep.

That being said, Jay Ryan is adorable, and the fangirls will go mad for him.  I think this show will make it to episode 8 before getting the axe.


  1. Thanks for this insight! Beauty and the Beast is my all time fav movie and i even had a bit of a soft spot for Beastly, so i was wondering if this show was gonna be a hit.... i think the prob is that EVERY network is seeing the success with Grimm and Once Upon A Time, so they all wanna hurry up and jump on the bandwagon.... *sigh*

  2. Never saw "Beastly," but agreed that the network is just following the trend.

    But if you can't do it better/just as good...then maybe don't do it at all :P Hollyweird, will you ever learn?

  3. I'm not going to bother watching because it's obvious the "beast" can look like a normal person and just sort of vamps out (for want of a better term). The whole point is that he is a beast all the time. I'm with you on the Kristin Kreuk thing. I just recently rented the original series from Netflix and I had to wonder why Vincent couldn't be above ground all the time. It's New York City for cryin' out loud! He could have just told everyone who asked that he was in costume on his way to rehearsal, right? But then, there wouldn't have been a show.

  4. That's a great point. I think he's on the run or something, but he isn't a beast 24/7. They actually gave him a hulk-like reaction.

    Never saw the original. Was it any good?