Thursday, October 11, 2012

Celebrity Guess: Kardashian/West Baby

Just heard the news that Reggie Bush and his girlfriend (who gives me the impression Reggie mos def has a type) are expecting.  First let me say, congrats to the happy couple!

But this now leads me to my celebrity prediction: This news will kick Kim Kardashian's (who mos def has a type) biological clock into over drive, giving her the desire to have a baby of her own.  She and Mr. West have already been looking for a place to buy together in Miami (and by "place" I mean mansion), and there have been talks of marriage--intimate settings on the beach and so forth.

And let's not forget the occasional matching outfits.

Methinks the baby will not only come first, but a pregnancy will be announced in the upcoming months.  Well, they look to be in love, at any rate.

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