Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Celebrity Guess: Fred Armisen SNL WTH?


I sporadically watch SNL, but was prompted to do it moreso than usual due to the Presidential Debates.  I had my eyes peeled for my boy Fred Armisen, but...

Found someone that's else playing our great President.

I thought to myself, "Huh--maybe Armisen left the SNL family recently, and I hadn't heard of it."  I check the credits and voila--Fred is still THERE.  And not only is he still in the cast, they often have him in the same scene with this "new" Obama.

What gives, SNL writers?

Fred's had four years to perfect this performance, and there's no way in hell this guy [Jay Pharoah] can (or is) out-shining him in the POTUS impersonation.  Did they replace him cause he's black?

They need to bring Armisen back, ya'll.


Matthew Morrison or Gabe from The Office should have played Paul Ryan in a skit.  Seriously.

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