Friday, October 12, 2012

Celebrity Guess: Vice Presidential Debate 2012

Last night, my Vice President set the debates on FIRE.

Vice President Joe Biden was cavalier, confident, kicked ass and took names.  He exposed Paul Ryan for the fraud that he is, and boy was that guy's nerves apparent.  How much water did he drink during the ninety minutes?

I think Biden's reaction of laughter was at the absurdity of Ryan's comments and blatant lies and backtracking. His reactions were honest, and frankly, if it were me, I'd have laughed my ass off too. #JoeBidenKeepsItReal

Anyway, my guess for today boys and girls is that when Romney/Ryan loses, that Paul Ryan will end up playing a dad or something on a new CW show.  He does have the face for it.  Or maybe some goofy romantic comedy.  It could work.

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